Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Alone Again

JBO came back last Sunday - he had been gone for a month - but he left again today, leaving me alone for another 3 weeks. I wonder what I'll do with my time, this time, since something tells me I won't go through the hours of TV and bad chick-flicks again. I'm different. I've changed. I still have a few big tasks to attend to, actually. And my little brother is coming to D.C. next week for his first big trip out of the small town where we were born. Still, three weeks is plenty of time for... life to happen, I guess. Look at all the living that's happened since I went to Buenos Aires in April. And in three-week increments, coincidently. July 15th... it's a lot to look forward to.


Don Jamon said...

JBO misses you desperately!

Ana said...

A huge trip like the one you did definitely changes you in all ways. I have many friends who went there and came back being a different person: more matures, with more significant thing in mind, and more important: they gained better perspective on life. I´m planning to do it because I am shocked by the good qualities they obtained. I already booked buenos aires apartments for three weeks, and if I feel Ipm on the good track with the changing of the self, I will stay longer!

Anonymous said...

Just go on with your life. You will never be alone after a week, he'll go back.

Best regards,
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